Top 6 Holistic Hacks for Spring Survival

Spring pollen is in the air!  If you tend to get drippy, watery, itchy, or sneezy this time of year (or all of the above!), this one’s for you! 
Here are my top 6 holistic health hacks to help you manage your seasonal concerns naturally.  In addition to my springtime protocol remedies (which I talked about in this blog post), I keep this handful of essential oils in my arsenal for using on an as-needed basis.   We've found them to be super effective and helpful for us this time of year!

1.  Lemon 
Lemon essential oil is the unsung hero of essential oils, and the first one we reach for when dealing with a runny nose!  Among its many wonderful benefits, Lemon is great for soothing all manner of drippiness.  In addition to applying it topically, we've also found it helpful to take it internally.  I share both methods below.

How to Use:
1.  Topically -- Dilute and apply topically over the bridge of the nose, under the nose, and on the forehead and temples.*  The most convenient way to do this is to make up a roller bottle with Lemon and fractionated coconut oil  (see instructions below).  

DIY Lemon Roller  
  • Fill a 10mL roller bottle about halfway with Lemon essential oil (or your preferred dilution). 
  • Top off with fractionated coconut oil.  
  • Insert top and shake well to blend.  
  • Now it's ready to roll onto your sinuses as needed!
*Note: Lemon essential oil is a citrus oil that can cause photosensitivity, so avoid direct sun exposure for at least 12 hours if you decide to apply this way.  Photosensitivity isn't an issue when taken internally.

2.  Internal use - Add a drop of Lemon essential oil to an 8-oz. glass of water and drink.  Alternatively, add a drop to a teaspoon of honey, and stir into hot water; sip and enjoy.  

Please note: I only use and recommend dōTERRA's Lemon essential oil for internal use because of their longstanding commitment to the strictest protocols in sourcing and rigorous 3rd party testing of every batch and bottle of oil for purity, potency, and efficacy.  

2.  Peppermint 
Are your sinuses feeling clogged or plugged up?  There's just nothing quite like Peppermint essential oil for opening up your airways!  It also supports your body's efforts to clear out mucous, and its cooling properties are soothing to inflamed tissues.  

How to use:
  • Breathe in the essential oil directly from an opened bottle.
  • Use the "cup-and-inhale" method:  add a drop of Peppermint to the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, then cup your hands under your nose and inhale.
  • If you're really serious about clearing things out, add a drop of Peppermint essential oil to the palm of your hand, press your thumb in the oil, then press your thumb to the roof of your mouth.  Rub any excess onto the back of your neck.  You'll feel it kick in right away!
  • Alternatively, take a Peppermint beadlet.  This is 1/4 drop of Peppermint essential oil in a tiny beadlet; the beadlet looks like a teeny tiny clear ball and is sometimes referred to as a "popper" because you can "pop" it by biting down on it and the oil will squirt into your mouth. 

Siberian Fir essential oil is another great mucous-reducer that can be really helpful for clearing airways.  Unlike Lemon and the citrus oils, it's not photosensitive, so it's a great option for using on your sinus/nasal area without having to worry about ill effects from sun exposure.

How to use:
Apply neat (without dilution) across the bridge of your nose, under the nose, and onto your forehead/temples.  While it's safe for most adults to apply neat, you'll get more out of your bottle if you dilute it.  Remember: diluting an essential oil doesn't mean reducing its effectiveness; it actually promotes better absorption into your skin, meaning increased efficacy.

I especially recommend designating a roller bottle for this one if you find yourself reaching for it often; having a roller handy makes it so much quicker and easier to apply!  You can DIY it following the same instructions as for the Lemon roller described above.

I also love using Siberian Fir in the diffuser!  Here's a new blend we've been enjoying:

Spring Clean Diffuser Blend
To your diffuser, add the following essential oils:
  • 4 drops Siberian fir
  • 2 drops Lemongrass
  • 2 drops Peppermint
It's not my favorite taste, but let me tell ya---I've found Tea Tree essential oil to be blessed and timely relief for those times when a sudden whiff of grass or pollen sets off an immediate storm of sneezing, itching, eyes watering, etc!   

How to use:
Add a drop to the palm of your hand, press your thumb in the oil, then press your thumb to the roof of your mouth.  

For soothing itchy red eyes, try Roman Chamomile essential oil.  It calms an overreactive immune response in a similar way that Lavender does, and it's both gentle and soothing to the delicate eye area.  

How to Use:
Add a drop to your finger and gently dab around the eye area, including the brow bone above the eye.

6.  Breathe and Lavender 
And last but not least, there's this favorite combination.  If you've spent very much time around me, whether in person or here in the blogosphere, chances are you've heard me rave about this duo. ;-)  I can't talk about anything having to do with the respiratory system without bringing them up!  They're hands down our favorite for spring relief, day or night.  

In this context, I especially recommend adding them to your diffuser at bedtime, or even better, using in a combination humidifier-diffuser, like dōTERRA's new Dawn Aroma-Humidifier.  What I love about this one is that it not only delivers the aromatic benefits of Breathe and Lavender, but also maintains optimal humidity levels in your room.  Two functions that are so nourishing to your respiratory tract!  

How to use:
Add 4-5 drops Breathe and 4-5 drops Lavender to your diffuser to diffuse overnight or during the day.

FYI--Right now you can get the Dawn Aroma-Humidifier at a special price by purchasing it in a kit with Breathe and OnGuard.  To see the details, go to this link; click on "Diffusers," then select "Dawn Aroma-Humidifier with Breathe and OnGuard."  (Email me if you have any questions!)

Did you try one of these holistic hacks?  I'd love to hear how it worked for you! Share your feedback (or ask questions) below! :) 


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