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I'm Angela! After a major health shake-up and surviving thyroid cancer almost eleven years ago, now I'm thriving on real food and natural solutions! I'm living proof that starting small and incorporating healthy habits can make a huge difference in your quality of life.

So where are YOU, friend, in your personal wellness journey? Wish you had better, more natural options but feel like you're stuck in a merry-go-round of conventional health overwhelm? I've been there and know: it's not pretty.

Take heart---thriving with natural solutions can be simple! 

Here you'll find my best resources, tips, and strategies for starting wherever you are and gradually creating a more naturally healthier you. Let's do this thing together and THRIVE! 

My Story-in-a-Nutshell
It started several years ago: I was sick, tired, and really frustrated with conventional western medicine. We were relying on healthcare that managed our symptoms for things like allergies and asthma, but that wasn't solving the real underlying problems. 

It all came to a head when at 27 years old--with two small children under 2 years old--I had my thyroid removed, and it ended up being cancerous. 

Around the same time, my older daughter was struggling with major eczema and digestive issues, which led to her falling off her own growth curve. Despite multiple specialists and rounds of various ointments and steroid creams, we kept landing back in the same spot: red itchy skin all over, a poor appetite, and--those three awful words all moms dread hearing--failure to thrive.

At that point we realized that if we didn't make some serious changes the trajectory of our health wasn't looking good! We took the holistic route, radically changing our diet and replacing many of our toxic, synthetic products with natural, plant-based alternatives. 

We learned that a combination of real foods and natural solutions (like the plant extracts shared here)  supported and worked with our body's natural mechanisms for cleansing and repairing. This holistic approach worked so well that within six months I was able to ditch the conventional respiratory treatments I had relied upon for years. For my daughter we found that certain plant extracts gently soothed and calmed her skin's angry reactions. Plus, as we cleaned up her diet--focusing on low inflammatory, nutrient-dense, real foods--her appetite, which had taken a terrible hit because of her stomach issues, became ravenous, and she started slowly but surely putting on weight again.

Of course, I'll be honest with you---if you're looking for a magic bullet....well, there is no magic bullet! We made incremental changes and developed new, healthier habits over a period of time. 

But what I know now is that it's POSSIBLE to take charge of your own health and to thrive with natural solutions!  My own experience has inspired me to share what I've learned and to empower other women and families with the tools they need to truly thrive. 

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