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Meet my husband Danny and our three daughters, who happen to be some of my favorite peeps.

Danny and I both grew up in the South (he's from Georgia and I'm from Tennessee), met in college and got married, and now live in the Northern Virginia suburbs. He and these beautiful girls are my why and a big reason we started down a more natural, holistic path.

Over the years we've learned strategies and discovered helpful resources for cultivating a healthy lifestyle in which we thrive in our health physically, mentally, and emotionally.

My heart is to share this with you who want to do more than just survive, to walk alongside you wherever you are in your own journey, and to empower you to thrive as well!

The Purely Thrive Philosophy
*I believe that if our goal is to purely thrive in our health, we have to look at the whole picture: that our physical, emotional, and mental health are interconnected and that each plays a critical role in our ability to achieve overall wellness.

*I believe that taking a holistic approach to thriving in our health means evaluating the effects of certain foods on our bodies and committing to choose the foods that nourish us.

*I believe that choosing nourishing foods means opting out of the foods that trigger and exacerbate inflammation for us and focusing on real, nutrient-dense foods.

*I believe that taking a holistic approach means identifying the root causes of our health concerns and utilizing natural, homeopathic tools such as essential oils, homeopathy, and other nutritional supplements that address those root causes long term, instead of just slapping temporary fixes on symptoms.

*I believe that in order to purely thrive in our health we need a strong community to support, educate, and encourage us along the way.