Healthy Habits to Boost Your Mood

Just getting started with essential oils for a better mood?  Here are three ideas of simple things you can do every day to brighten your mood and lift your spirits.

This is for you if....
1) One of your wellness goals is to improve your mind and mood in a healthier, more natural way.
2) You're committed to taking one simple action that you can do every day toward reaching that goal.
3) You're willing to stick with it until that simple, daily action becomes so routine that you do it without even having to think about which case it's become a habit!  (Yay!) 

Habits for Brightening Your Mood
I recommend starting with one method and one essential oil option below, and trying it for at least a week.  If it's helping you, keep at it!  If not, pick another method or essential oil!

Method #1: First thing in the morning, add 1-2 drops of essential oil to the palm of your hand, press finger into the oil and dab onto pulse points and back of neck into the hairline; then rub hands together, cup under nose, and inhale for a deep breath.   
  • Wild Orange and Peppermint -- 1 drop of each in the palm 
    • Note: Wild Orange is photosensitive, so avoid applying to areas that might be exposed to sun.
  • Adaptiv blend -- 1-2 drops in the palm
    • Or make a roller blend for ease of application: 20 drops in a 5mL roller bottle, topped off with fractionated coconut oil.
  • Grapefruit and Bergamot -- 3 drops of Grapefruit and 2 drops of Bergamot 
    • OR make a roller blend: 12 drops Grapefruit + 8 drops Bergamot in a 5mL roller bottle, topped off with fractionated coconut oil.
Method #2:  Diffuse a cheery oil/oil blend throughout the day, such as one of my favorites below (add 6-8 drops total essential oil to your diffuser):
  • Wild Orange + Peppermint (equal parts of each)
  • Motivate (the "Encouraging Blend")
  • Adaptiv (the "Calming Blend")

No diffuser?  No problem!  Try one of these easy hacks:
  1. Use your hair as a natural diffuser: add 1-2 drops essential oil to the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, then run your hands through your hair.  
  2. Warm a cloth hand warmer/rice bag (like the one pictured below) and add a few drops of essential oil right onto the bag.  Place on your shoulders or neck to allow the aroma to waft near your nose. 
  3. Before you vacuum next time, add a few drops to a cotton ball or small piece of kleenex and suck it up in your vacuum cleaner.  Enjoy the aroma as you clean your carpet!
  4. Make a room spray: add 6-8 drops essential oil to a 2-oz. glass spray bottle; top off with water.  Shake well to blend before you spray.

Method #3:  Do you consistently struggle with certain negative emotional patterns? Strategically target those with one of dōTERRA's six emotional aromatherapy blends specifically formulated to disrupt negative emotions and promote a positive, healthier emotional response.   

Use dōTERRA's Emotional Aromatherapy wheel (below) to identify and target the negative emotion, and apply a corresponding essential oil blend. 
For example, during these colder, grayer winter months I tend to struggle with feelings of gloom and discouragement.  If you look at the upper spokes of the wheel you'll find "discouraged" and "gloomy," underneath the citrus plant families, flanked by two essential oil blends (Motivate and Cheer) on the arc above.  

Motivate is the "encouraging blend" that combines citrus oils with mint oils to promote feelings of encouragement;  Cheer is a blend of citrus and spice oils that serve to lift mood.  Either one is a good place to start to get you from feeling gloomy to cheery! Motivate is typically my first go-to because I gravitate toward the combos of citrus and mint.  

I always tell folks:  when in doubt, go with what smells best to you and let your sniffer be your guide!  

Once you've picked your emotional wellness blend, apply it topically as described in Method #1 above (dilute in a carrier oil if needed for sensitive skin or better absorption), or diffuse as described in Method #2.

Was this helpful to you?  Share any comments or questions below!

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