Good to the Last Drop! Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Empty Essential Oil Bottles

Did you know that even when you can't get any more drops out of that essential oil bottle,  there’s still a lot of oil residue left inside? ⁣ Throwing away empty essential oil bottles is like tossing pennies in the trash!  (And who ever does that?!)
I don’t want you to miss out on any oily goodness! ⁣

So before you throw out that empty bottle, here are five ways to stretch out that last little bit…

(Before you try any of these, make sure to first remove the cap and orifice.)
1.  Infuse your own bath salts.
Fill a jar with Epsom salts and press an upside-down empty (or a few of them 😉) down into the salt. (In the picture below I used a half-gallon sized jar and several empties.) Let it infuse for 2-3 days until you're happy with the strength of the aroma.  Voila! You’ve got bath salts.  ⁣
2.  Use the empty to refill your diffuser. 
Fill the bottle with water, add to the diffuser, and repeat until you reach your diffuser’s max water line.⁣ 

3.  Repurpose the bottle for a blend you use often.
For example, to an empty Lavender bottle add a few drops of Melaleuca, and fractionated coconut oil to top it off. Insert a spray top, dropper, or roller ball and use to soothe occasional “owies.”⁣ Make sure to label the bottle so that you remember what it's for! 

4.  Repurpose for a mini-size DIY room spray.
Fill with ⁣water, then add a spray top. ⁣ Those 15-mL bottles are the perfect travel-size! When we go on trips, I always pack a mini room spray for using in the hotel room, air b&b, etc.
5.  Repurpose as an air freshener.  
I'm always amazed at how much aroma emits even from an empty EO bottle! One that orifice and cap are off, the bottle can stand alone as an air freshener.  Place the empty bottle in a sock drawer, on a mud room or bathroom shelf, or wherever you need to reduce odor! In my house, one of those spots is in the cabinet under my kitchen sink where I collect compost. 
Do you have any empties saved up? How will you use them? ⁣ 

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