Why I Stopped Holding My Breath...and How You Can Too!

So maybe you’ve experienced this before....

It’s time to clean the bathroom, mop the floor, wipe down the kitchen counters for the upteenth time, or whatever sanitizing chore you’re up against.

And in the process you find yourself consciously (or maybe subconsciously) holding your breath. Because the smell of those conventional cleaners—UGH!

That was me several years ago.

Even if I was wearing a mask, I still held my breath because the vapors made me sneeze or cough—sometimes both. My entire respiratory system revolted.

Until I discovered Peppermint oil. And Lemon. I started using those and a few basics from my kitchen pantry to make my own non-toxic cleaners.

And when I used them it was like the heavens opened and the choirs started singing HALLELUJAH! Because all of a sudden I could actually BREATHE when I cleaned.

On top of which, I realized that when I inhaled the Peppermint oil vapor, my sinuses actually opened up so that by the time I was done not only was my sink (or toilet) clean, but my airways felt better too!

So I finally stopped holding my breath while I did my chores...and you can too!

Now let's pause here for a sec because I know you're reading this and thinking, "Oh man, here we go, another overwhelming list of stuff I've got to figure out!" No no, my friend!  It's all about BABY STEPS.  

And, frankly, I'm where I am right now because I've already taken like a gazillion baby steps!  So---don't get bogged down!

Here's my recommendation: start by swapping out just ONE product for a healthier version. 

Not sure where to start? No worries, I've got ya covered!  Personally, I like to find products that allow me to do multiple jobs.

In other words, minimize and SIMPLIFY your tools; maximize your results.

This DIY All-Purpose Cleaning Spray is a great place to start! With it you can effectively clean, sanitize, and freshen any household surface.

In my house we use it to clean:

*Kitchen counters
*Bathroom sinks/counters

All you need are two ingredients: water and either the OnGuard
"Protective Blend" (above) or OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate (below).

One of the best parts of cleaning this way is that not only do you get the non-toxic cleansing benefits for your home, but you also derive health benefits by breathing in the vapors of the essential oils!


1.5 Tablespoons OnGuard Cleaning Concentrate OR 6-10 drops OnGuard blend
12 oz. water
12 oz. spray bottle

1. Add concentrate or OnGuard to spray bottle.
2. Top with water to fill.
3.Insert spray nozzle and shake well to blend.
4. Spray onto household surfaces.  

Did you know I have a FREE printable with this recipe, plus my two other favorite DIY green cleaners?  Simply subscribe to my weekly wellness newsletter and you'll get this as a free download. 

Was this helpful to you? Share in the comments below! Happy green cleaning!!!   

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